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COVID-19 represents one of the greatest ever shocks to our economies and, in consequence, to the business models of financial institutions and the way they do business. While many changes to business processes and operations were already taking place prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 has given many added impetus and urgency. Decision-makers must choose between adapting a wait-and-see approach or implementing more proactive strategies to safeguard and, if possible, grow their businesses.

On 15 June 2021, Superintendency Resolution No. 000079-2021/SUNAT was published, approving the DESPA-PE.01.37 (version 1) specific procedure, which sets out the requirements and procedure for the proper application of tariff preferences under the Trade Agreement between Peru and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Supreme Decree No. 014-2021-TR was published last 4 July, by which various articles of the Regulations of the Labor Inspection Law were modified, approved by Supreme Decree No. 019-2006-TR, article 7-A on the Compliance Management Module has been incorporated and paragraph 17.6 of article 17 of the same body of legislation has been repealed.

The National Superintendence of Labor Inspection – SUNAFIL has implemented the application called Self-diagnosis of Safety and Health at Work through which employers will be able to verify their workplace safety and health compliance level. Through an online questionnaire, employers will be able to identify, verify and assess the situation of their companies in terms of compliance with their occupational health and safety obligations.