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With COVID-19 vaccinations finally here, organizations looking to protect their workforces and promote business continuity must navigate a fast-evolving framework of national protocols and regulatory regimes. An increasing number of jurisdictions across the globe are publishing guidelines and legislation governing the legal and practical aspects of workplace vaccination programs.

In brief What’s new? On April 9, the Superintendence of Companies (“SS”) issued the External Circular No. 100-000004 (the “Circular”). Through this Circular, the SS modified some sections of Chapter X of its Basic Legal Circular, which regulates the obligation to implement a SAGRILAFT for some companies. Among other matters,…

Law 2068, which modifies the general tourism regime in Colombia, was published on 31 December 2020. The law’s main objectives are to promote sustainability; implement mechanisms for the conservation, protection and use of different tourist attractions; increase competitiveness; and promote the recovery of Colombian tourism through the creation of different incentives. 

In brief What’s new? The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) issued its “Guide on good practices in advertising through influencers” (the “Guide”), defining guidelines for advertisers and influencers on the best way to promote products to consumers, mainly through digital means, guaranteeing the rights of consumers. Contents Recommendations for…