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Anne-Marie Davies

Anne-Marie Davies is an Associate in Baker McKenzie London office.

While businesses progress their recovery and renewal strategies amid the disruption of the global pandemic, there is more change in store for 2021, as US president Joe Biden takes office and the UK and EU adjust to their formal separation. Below we outline the latest employment considerations surrounding US and UK politics and how they will impact the global workforce.​ 

Perhaps unsurprisingly given recent events, we have seen a significant rise in the number of employees sending requests to their UK based employer to work from “home” in another country. We anticipate that this trend will continue, and in fact employers may be considering this as a more permanent solution in respect of its workforce given the anticipated impact Brexit will have on human capital. Whilst on the face of it this may seem like a simple solution, these arrangements give rise to a number issues from a HR perspective – and will be made more complicated post Brexit.