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Despite geopolitical shifts, uncertainty and various factors that seem to affect numerous sectors, the global luxury and fashion industry has tripled in the last 20 years to approximately $300 billion and continues to grow rapidly. But with that broadening and diversification comes a whole new set of business challenges to navigate.

We advise many of the world’s best-known luxury names, and our expertise is featured in a new Global Legal Guide for Luxury & Fashion Companies, published with Thomson Reuters.

What does the guide cover?

  • Identifying, Registering, Enforcing and Monetizing Your Intellectual Property Assets
  • Elements of Enforcement for Infringement in the Online/Offline Landscapes
  • The Industry’s Digital and Online Services Focus — Opportunities and Challenges
  • Social Media
  • Alternative Distribution Models and Current Trends
  • Tax Issues for the Luxury and Fashion Industry
  • M&A and Corporate Finance in the Luxury and Fashion Industry
  • Anti-Bribery and Other Compliance Issues and Risk Remediation for the Luxury and Fashion Industry
  • Negotiating and Securing Retail Lease Space
  • Resolving Disputes: Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
  • Employment Concerns for the Industry
  • International Trade and Customs Issues for the Luxury and Fashion Industry
  • Competition and Antitrust Issues in the Industry

If you have any questions about the guide, please reach out to your Baker McKenzie contact or email Elenore Roque-Enriquez. You can also get a copy directly from Thomson Reuters.